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Let Aubrey + Areegra use our expertise to help your business shine

At Aubrey + Areegra we have over 25 years combined experience.

Our speciality is creative advertising campaigns and clients also hire us for marketing ideas, social media management and email marketing.

How can we help you?



Often our business is our baby. We spend so much time on it, we love it, even if it's a bit ugly. No one wants an ugly baby. Let us have a look around and we will let you know (kindly) how your baby is performing.


Our marketing check-up sessions are about diving deep to understand and help you market your business.


Book a custom session with Aubrey + Areegra and we’ll bring fresh eyes and lots of ideas to help you achieve your business goals.


  • How does it work?

    • We Google, we stalk, we review

    • You fill out a document that gives us background on your business 

    • We will spend two hours with you brainstorming and working on tangible ideas

    • You will receive a comprehensive report containing all our analysis and recommendations

    • Includes 10 actionable items to boost your business


$750 incl. GST


Not sure what you should be posting?

Need help to set up your social media accounts?

Or looking for someone to take care of everything?


Aubrey + Areegra can help with:

  • Social media strategy to ensure you’re tracking towards your big goals and getting the best results

  • Create content for all your social media

  • Workshops to nut out exactly what your audience wants, and tailor content to engage them

  • Social media advertising


From $260 per week incl. GST



Email is a great way to communicate regularly and cost effectively with your customers.


Aubrey + Areegra can help with:

  • Development of an email marketing plan

  • Email template build and design

  • Content creation including imagery copywriting and design for email campaigns

  • Strategies to help build your customer database



From $390 per month


Don’t just take our word for it…

Whitney Kingston

Yarrilinks Chairperson

“I finally feel like our story is being properly told to the outside world.”

Katherine Colbert

Hindmarsh Shire Council

“What we really loved about working with Kate and Karen was their genuine interest in our projects and their honesty throughout (…) Their enthusiasm and regular communication made the entire process streamlined and stress-free.”

Kim Newbold

Mr Bold Catering Co.

“Kate & Karen have been an absolute pleasure to deal with - their professionalism and attention to detail is outstanding.”


We'd love to work with you